Little Bethel Association

Little Bethel Association includes churches in Hopkins and Webster Counties in West Kentucky. AMS Bill Egbert and the Evangelism/Church Planting Team have identified a few areas of need. North Madisonville, South Madisonville, and Anton. They currently have a church replant in Nebo at Crossroads Baptist Church and are working on ways to encourage their pastors and churches to disciple and enlist the next generation of pastors and church planters. Please see the Snapshots below for more information.

Madisonville North

In 1870, the coal and tobacco industries put Madisonville on the map as a major railroad hub from Louisville to Nashville. Today, there are still several active mining sites employing many people from Hopkins and neighboring counties. North Madisonville has a pocket of lostness that is missing an evangelistic and healthy church. Please see the screenshot of the map below. Overall, Hopkins County has around 48,000 people and over 80% are lost and/or unchurched. Within this area is Madisonville Community College, which is home to over 3,000 students. This location is also used as a satellite site for Murray State University.

While the number of churches within LBBA are 48, the number of unchurched and lost are steadily increasing each year. Several practitioners have stated that the best and most effective evangelism method and tool is the planting of new churches. They baptize more, multiply quicker, and encourage growth among their sister partnering churches. Please pray for Bill, the team at LBBA, and for the churches in Hopkins and Webster Counties to see this great need and to begin training the next generation of church planters to send out into the harvest field.


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10 Strategic Ways to Prayer for Planters

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Church Planting Helps Us All Grow

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